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Severalls Jubilee Club History

 A large amount of land was left in trust to the Crewkerne Urban District Council shortly after the First World War which included the area where the Severalls Jubilee Bowling Club is now situated.
A group of Crewkerne businessmen set up a Charity with £4000 to give soldiers returning from the First World War a form of work and secondly, once the green was built, a leisure facility. It was difficult work due to the fact that the soil was so shallow and they had to blast out the rock table to obtain a level surface.
The United Services Fund donated several sets of Lignum woods for the club members use.
















The CREWKERNE SEVERALLS CLUB was officially opened by Mr.E.J.Blake(Chairman of the War Memorial Committee) on Saturday 5th.May 1923.
During its lifetime,a Street League was very popular, and the trophy that the teams competed for,comprising two of the original ligum woods on a plinth is still on display in the current Clubhouse.
The original pavilion was an old black hut which remained on site until 2009 when it was demolished to make way for a new toilet facility.
In 1939 a new pavilion was erected between the green and the tennis courts in memory of Mr James Rapson and opened by Mrs.H.R.Stamp.This was later extended to provide an enclosed veranda.
The club was successful for many years until the 1960's when membership dwindled,funding became difficult and the club unfortunately folded.












SEVERALLS JUBILEE BOWLS CLUB was opened in 1977 as a Silver Jubilee project.Vic Robins,Walter Chant,Bill Carslake and Bert Dennis were four club members that negotiated with the Town Council who are the Trustees of the War Memorial Charity to reform the club. At the time only one rink was usable and used by a few of the old club members, Captain Cramer being amongst them.The green was overgrown,the surrounds were knee high in stinging nettles and the pavilion in disrepair with a leaking roof. The members advertised in a local newspaper for interested parties to assist in returning the facilities to a usable state.Eventually the pavilion was repaired, the surrounds mowed into submission and the green scarified until it resembled a ploughed field and then re-seeded.
In 1978 a few friendly matches were arranged and the in 1979 the first fixture list was printed and since that time the club has gone from strength to strengh.
The club was amongst several founder members of the Wessex Mixed Friendly League and have been successful in winning the League Shield on six occasions and runners-up on a further eight occasions. In the 2006 season the club won the League Cup and have been the runners-up on four occasion.
The facilities at the club have been continually upgraded. In 2009 thanks to Lottery funding,the Town Council and Club members, a new toilet block was erected on the site of the original pavilion(the old black hut).
Since then, during the close season of 2011 the clubhouse and the changing rooms were joined together to increase the space in the main clubhouse.
In the 2012 close season the kitchen was re-designed to afford the club with a spacious modern catering facility.

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